Activity Groups

Members going on a walk

Walking Group

The walking groups offer two options each month:

Group 1 meets at 11 am and is led by Jenny Waterhouse (call 01903 742154 for details of where to meet each time). These are usually easy walks of 1-2 miles.

Group 2 meets at 10 am and walks for 3-4 miles (the role of leader is shared). This group has a WhatsApp group organised by Maureen Sherwood (call 01903 743290 for details).

Both groups end their walk with lunch, taken at a convenient place near to the finishing point.

WI members are free to participate in the walk and the lunch, just the walk or just the lunch.

Details of upcoming walks are provided at each monthly WI meeting and are also added to the Events Calendar when possible.


Table Tennis

This group meets on Tuesdays at the Chanctonbury Leisure Centre from 2.30pm. The table tennis is usually followed by a coffee and a chat in the Leisure Centre’s café. 

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Book Club

This group meets on the second Friday of the month at Storrington Library from 11am.

A lively discussion about the book just read is followed by the selection and agreement of the next book.

There are to be no rules about the books that are selected, anyone can make a suggestion. However, as this club is relatively new the current selection process is following that of, one month a new release is to be chosen (to ensure that the group experience a book that is new to everyone), the next month the group will read one of the members' favourite books.

If you are interested in joining this group then please speak to Christine at one of our main WI monthly meetings, pop along to the next Book Club meeting in the Library (see Events Calendar) or just send a message using the facility below.


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