Strawberry Tea

2nd July 2024


A large group of the Sullington Windmills' members (about half of the total membership) got together at Thakeham Village Hall to celebrate summer, eat scones, drink tea and socialise.

There were 5 tables, each with scones (plus all the accompaniments), berries and tea, for the members to help themselves to for a couple of hours.

The tea kept flowing whilst the ladies caught up with friends and also took the opportunity to mix and mingle with members that they had not spoken to before.

Once everyone was fully replete the gathering came to an end with a free raffle, where a member of each table won the beautiful flower arrangement on that table (skillfully created by the talented Sandra).

It was a really great, relaxed afternoon and, as always, our thanks go out to the Committee and all of the members who organised the event, attended the event and helped clear up at the end.


14:37, 03 Jul 2024 by Paula Cottrell

Honey Cake 1

The longest day has now passed and in celebration of the height of summer I have, as promised, baked a honey cake.

I have followed the WI Honey Cake recipe and it has turned out very well.

I made this with my son as it is so easy. It is just a case of melting one set of ingredients in a pan and then mixing them with the dry ingredients and a couple of eggs. It all then goes into the prepared tin, with a few flaked almonds on the top, and bakes in the oven.

The resulting cake is so moist and delicious. Serve with a drizzle of honey and a cup of tea. Perfect!

Honey Cake 2


The 7th of July is World Chocolate Day!

Therefore, I suggest baking anything with a chocolate theme in July. This can be milk, white or dark chocolate.

Also Wimbledon starts on the 1st July, so why not make some dark chocolate dipped strawberries. As long as you stick to dark chocolate these are a more healthy option.

As it's my birthday in July I am going to combine both of the above ideas by making Mary Berry's Chocolate Birthday Cake decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries.

Enjoy whatever you make this summer and happy baking!

16:32, 01 Jul 2024 by Paula Cottrell

June 2024 Monthly Meeting

Flower Arranging with Chris Desmond

      Red rose displays

As we approached the Summer equinox the sun was finally shining on our June meeting, which was appropriate, being that June is when we judge the "Summer Rose" competition.

On the theme of roses, we had our guest speaker, Chris Desmond (Chair of Storrington Flower Club), in attendance to provide us with a flower arranging demonstration and a talk about roses.

The rose is an incredibly old flower, Cleopatra allegedly scattered rose petals around her room and references to rose cultivation can be found in the writings of Confucius.

Various cultures and traditions assign symbolic meaning to the rose and how a rose may have a different meaning within arrangements.

Orange rose  Cream rose

With this in mind Chris went on to show us four arrangements with roses of different colours; one with red roses, one with green roses, one with white roses and one with orange roses. We saw how you can really make the roses 'pop' depending on your choice of background foliage.

The final arrangements were very impressive and beautiful. They ranged from impact displays of deep red roses, to symbolise love and passion, to a more calming white rose display, to symbolise purity and new beginnings.

Some very lucky members were able to take the final arrangements home with them as raffle prizes!

   White roses   Red roses

The evening ended with refreshments and time to mingle and talk whilst Chris judged the "Summer Rose" competition.

The winner was a beautiful pink rose, with a peony-type bloom, brought in by Zena.

Zenas winning rose 2024

11:34, 20 Jun 2024 by Paula Cottrell


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