February 2024 Monthly Meeting

"Handbags to Handcuffs" with Sheila Willis

After having miserable weather all day long it was great to see such an excellent turn out at the February meeting of Sullington Windmills WI. A large group of members and visitors attended and weren't we glad that we did!

We had an excellent talk by our guest speaker Sheila Willis, who was both knowledgeable and entertaining.

Sheila provided us with a brief history of women in the Police Force, interspersed with stories from her time 'on the beat' in the 1960s onwards. Although many of the stories were told in a light-hearted manner we still managed to learn a lot along the way.

It is amazing how much change in the Police Force Sheila has witnessed; from cycling to public phone boxes on an hourly basis to receive updates and orders, to mobile long-range radio equipment,  changes in uniform, from skirts and stockings to more practical trousers, actually designed for women to wear (not men's!), and a general move towards acceptance of women in the force.

Who could believe that it took until 1995 for the first female Chief Constable to be appointed!

13:58, 22 Feb 2024 by Paula Cottrell