Cranberry & Orange Scones

WI Life Magazine, February 2024, Page 51

So, my son was tasked, as part of his Food Tech homework, with coming up with a recipe for an item of finger food that could be served at a party.

He saw this recipe in my WI Life magazine and asked if it would be possible to make mini versions to suit his homework needs. I said that we could give it a try and see.

Firstly we halved all of the ingredients in the the original recipe to make a smaller batch. We could not find any fresh or frozen cranberries in the village so we soaked dried cranberries in some orange juice and hot water instead. We also used a small 5cm cutter to cut out the mini scones (we managed to get about 12-14 mini scones from the mixture). We baked these for a reduced time of 12-15 minutes.

The results as you can see came out pretty well and my son will now have to make these on his own within an hour at school for his Food Tech practical lesson.

The full recipe can be found in your February 2024 edition of the WI Life magazine OR you can log on to My WI and find a digital version of the magazine on there, including the recipe.

*Next month* I will be attempting to make Easter Biscuits. I have two recipes that I am looking at; a traditional Easter biscuit recipe from Waitrose and an iced Easter biscuit recipe from the NFWI website.

Please join in and make the biscuits during the month of March, to celebrate Easter, and let me know how you get on. You can find the recipes at the links highlighted in blue above.

13:48, 27 Feb 2024 by Paula Cottrell