April 2024 Monthly Meeting

Wardrobe Edit & Organisation with Mimi Bogelund

Mimi Bogelund, Professional Organiser, Organised Home & Life

Mimi promised us an uplifting and stimulating session and that's what she delivered.

A really interesting and thought-provoking talk, which I am sure all of us benefited from in some way.

We learnt how to discard and declutter our clothes as well as how to try and avoid making impulse and mistake purchases. She talked about the importance of having clothes that "feel like me" and knowing what your "uniform" is.

We also saw demonstrations of how best to store and fold your clothes so that you can see everything that you have, including your pants!

One of the points that will stay with me is that you really should embrance your own style and feel comfortable with what you want to wear.

13:26, 18 Apr 2024 by Paula Cottrell