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Anzac Biscuits

on plate

So today is Anzac Day and as promised I have again been making biscuits. 

I have followed the recipe from the South Australian Country Women's Association and the results are pretty tasty.

If you like the overcooked, crispy edges of a flapjack then you will love these.

The recipe is really easy; basically dry ingredients placed in one bowl, melt the remaining ingredients, mix the two parts together, form into balls and then bake. What could be more simple?

I followed the recipe and weighed out balls of 32g each. However, I did not get the promised 35 biscuits. I made only 20, quite large cookie-sized biscuits. When I make them next time I will make them smaller, maybe 20g each.

These would be great to make with kids as they are so simple and the baking powder with the melted butter and golden syrup mixture creates a foaming in the pan like a science experiment, which kids will love.

Enjoy your biscuits in remembrance of all the fallen ANZACs.

on cooling rack


In May we have some visitors coming to our monthly meeting and will therefore be providing them with some homemade treats.

We will be making "Grannies Quick Sponge". I have added the recipe to the May meeting entry in the Events calendar. Please bake a cake, but only bring it along to the May meeting if you have already agreed this with Liz (as we don't want too many!).

13:19, 25 Apr 2024 by Paula Cottrell