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Grannies Quick Sponge

Grannie cake 2 tableGrannie Cake PB

What a great selection of cakes we had at the May 2024 meeting!

Some people had followed the provided recipe, which resulted in many different looking and flavoured cakes, whilst others did something of their own. The result was a tasty array of choice for all of the members and our guest Chris to enjoy.

I followed the Grannies Quick Sponge recipe and found it so easy to make. Adding the food colouring created a really weird marbled effect, which didn't make the cake look very appetising, but was fun and didn't affect the flavour.

Everything tasted great!

Grannie cake 1 table


June sees the longest day arrive with the Summer solstice sybolising the abundance of food and nature.

Honey is seen as a sacred food at this time of year and with that in mind I plan on baking a Honey Cake. A round cake to mirror the shape and glowing hue of the sun will be a fitting celebration for the height of Summer.

I will use the WI's own Honey Cake recipe, but many others can be found in books or on the internet.

If you do bake a cake, please let me know how you get on.

Happy Summer & Happy Baking!

13:15, 17 May 2024 by Paula Cottrell